Welcome to My-Memories.com
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geraldines warGeraldine, seen in this video clip with her husband, spent her war years as a 16-18 year old, working at 'heavy ackack' anti aircraft gun sites. She tells of her experiences, including being strafed by a ME109.


1940s, World War 2

Welcome to my-memories.com

The site for you to record your memories of past life; work, family, home, holidays, sport and hobbies;- anything which interests you and might interest other people too.

We hope you will enjoy reading about and listening to other peoples’ memories and put down your own too.

The idea behind My-Memories is to provide a place where all of us can set down our memories of what life was like in the past: whether it was recent events or the earlier days in the 70s, 60s, 50s, 30s and beyond.

Such memories of social history and events:- life as it was- could be lost forever if we don’t set them down now.